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01/27/15 - Armstrong Arena is closed until further notice
Dear PYH Parents, Armstrong Arena is closed until further notice...
Reminder-Armstrong Rink Open
Dear PYH Parents, This is a reminder that Armstrong Rink is open only unless...
Pink in the Rink 2015 - Sunday February 8th
Plymouth Youth Hockey presents the 5th annual Pink in the Rink! ...
Locker Room Issues
Dear PYH Parents,   We have had some...
Letter from the PYH President
Dear PYH Members,   Attached please find a letter from...
Please read the South Shore Conference rule below.  The league...
FMC has asked that all PYH members make themselves familiar with...
01/27/15 - Armstrong Arena is closed until further notice

Dear PYH Parents,

Armstrong Arena is closed until further notice due to the travel ban.

Hope everyone is surviving the blizzard!

PYH Board of Directors

by posted 01/27/2015
Reminder-Armstrong Rink Open

Dear PYH Parents,

This is a reminder that Armstrong Rink is open only unless it loses power.  Also please do not allow your players on the ice without having coaches present.

If we receive any updates from Armstrong about it being closed we will relay that information via email or you can always check the website.


PYH Board of Directors

by posted 01/26/2015
Pink in the Rink 2015 - Sunday February 8th

Plymouth Youth Hockey presents the 5th annual Pink in the Rink!  Girls, this is your opportunity to try hockey for free.  Come and meet the coaches and players from the inaugural 2015 Plymouth Girls Varsity High School Ice Hockey team.  There will be on ice skills sessions plus games.  All female skaters are welcome, helmets are required.  No experience is necessary, skates and equipment will be available.  The event is free and will take place on Sunday February 8th from 10:00AM-11:50AM at Armstrong Arena, 103 Long Pond Road, Plymouth.  Please contact Will Stearns at 508-472-5685 or email   to reserve equipment or for more information on the event or Plymouth Youth Hockey.  We look forward to seeing you at the rink!


by posted 01/13/2015
Locker Room Issues
Dear PYH Parents,
We have had some issues come up in the Locker Room recently that we would like to address. The issues are A. Fighting in the Locker Room, B. Siblings in the locker rooms during Powerskating/Skills nights, C. Players leaving a mess in the Locker Room and D. Cell Phones in the Locker Room:
                        A. Fighting in the Locker Room. We have a zero-tolerance policy on fighting. We had a fight before the holidays that was handled by the Disciplinary Committee. Coaches are in the Locker Rooms as much as they can be to supervise. If there is no coach present then do not leave your child unsupervised.
                        B. Powerskating/Skills nights already have the locker rooms at capacity for dressing and having siblings just adds to the problem. Please have siblings stay out of the Locker Rooms whenever possible. We understand it is a balancing act between watching some kids and helping others to dress but please try your best on this one.        
                        C. Players should not leave a mess in the Locker Rooms at any time. There have been quite a few instances recently with Gatorade and water bottles, among other trash, being left in the Locker Rooms after practices and Powerskating/Skills. This also applies to parties in the Locker Rooms. The rule is if you bring it in, then you should bring it out or make sure it is in the trash can. The coaches and rink staff should not have to pick these things up or the next team in that room should not have to deal with your mess. If a mess is made that requires actual clean up, please let the rink staff know.

                       D.The last Locker Room issue is Cell Phones. This is a tough issue with no easy answers. To avoid all of the problems that could arise, it would seem that PYH should ban them in the Locker Rooms but it is not that simple. PYH does not ban them because we realize some players may need them to call for a ride after practice and we do not want to ask coaches to add confiscating phones to their list of responsibilities.         
Each coach has their own rules from establishing basic rules of respect to outright banning them. PYH expects all players to follow the rules set by their coaches for games, practices and the Powerskating/Skills hours. Above and beyond what the coaches are teaching the players, we would expect Parents to be teaching their children proper cell phone use and behavior. These kids are growing up in a world where everything they do has the potential to be photographed or video taped. There are lessons to be learned by the children about their actions and behavior but also by the children who may take the photo or video. We live in a world where the photographer can be in more trouble.
The PYH official policy on Cell Phones is:
       Cell Phones and Other Mobile Recording Devices    

Cell phones and other mobile devices with recording capabilities, which includes voice recording, still cameras, and video cameras, increase the risk for some forms of abuse or misconduct.  As a result, the use of a mobile device’s recording capabilities in the locker rooms is not permitted at any Plymouth Youth Hockey sanctioned event, provided that it may be acceptable to take photographs or recordings in a locker room in such unique circumstances as a victory celebration, team party, etc., where all persons in the locker room are appropriately dressed and have been advised that photographs or recordings are being taken.  Parents should instruct and coaches will remind players to POWER OFF cell phones before entering the locker room.  If phones or other mobile devices must be used, they should be used in public areas (i.e. Lobby) or outside the rink.  A violation of the cell phone policy may result in disciplinary action by the board which may include suspension from hockey activities.
If there are any issues that arise, please contact your player's Coach, Level Coordinator, or other Board Member directly. The safety of the players is our most important priority.
Best regards,
Sean Kelly
Plymouth Youth Hockey, President

by posted 01/11/2015
Letter from the PYH President

Dear PYH Members,


Attached please find a letter from Sean Kelly, President of PYH. 09.17.14 Letter to the Membership.pdf



by posted 09/17/2014

Please read the South Shore Conference rule below.  The league is very serious about the behavior of spectators on rink property.

The member towns and coach of each team are responsible for the behavior of the spectators from their town. If the spectators get unruly or abusive during a game, it is up to the discretion of the referee to stop the game and determine who is at fault. If it can be determined whom or what town is a fault, they shall forfeit the game. If it cannot be determined who is at fault or it is unsafe to continue the game, it will be stopped and the Disciplinary Committee will make a decision.

The South Shore Conference will establish a discipline committee to investigate and conduct a hearing if appropriate, concerning any major incident involving a spectator or parent. An officer of the South Shore Conference will chair the Discipline Committee. The discipline committee will be comprised of three members of the Executive Board and two Program Directors on a rotating monthly basis.

A major incident shall be defined as, but may not be limited to, the use of obscene or vulgar language, verbal; physical abuse, taunting of players, coaches, officials and throwing of objects in the viewing area, team benches, or ice surface, etc.

When a major incident on ice rink property used by the South Shore Conference involving a parent or spectator is brought to the attention of the South Shore Conference Executive Board by rink officials, ice officials (referee or time keepers), incident reports or other programs, the affected programs will be notified by the South Shore Conference President or designee.

The program(s) will then have 48 hours to respond with a recommendation for discipline to the chairperson of the Discipline Committee. The program will identify everyone involved. If the program’s action is deemed acceptable, no further action shall be taken. If the chairperson of the Discipline Committee deems the program’s recommendation unacceptable and/or inadequate, the individuals involved will immediately be suspended from all South Shore Conference activities until the incident is resolved. The Discipline Committee shall convene to investigate the incident and to hold a hearing within one week. All parties involved in the major incident shall attend the discipline hearing.

by posted 08/14/2014
FMC has asked that all PYH members make themselves familiar with the Code of Conduct at the rink.  Please pay special attention to numbers 6 and 7.  This exists for the safety of everyone at the rink. 

In addition, please refrain from parking in the marked fire lanes outside the rink.  Those areas must stay clear for emergency personel and equipment.

by posted 09/24/2012
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