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Save the Date - PYH Golf Tournament
Plymouth Youth Hockey is pleased to announce that the Annual Golf...
Girls U10, 12, 19 Teams with Coaches
2015-16 Team Selections with Coaches
2015-2016 Jersey Program
2015-2016 Jersey Program   **Questions should be directed...
Please read the South Shore Conference rule below.  The league...
FMC has asked that all PYH members make themselves familiar with...
Save the Date - PYH Golf Tournament

Plymouth Youth Hockey is pleased to announce that the Annual Golf Tournament will be held on Friday October 2nd, 2015 at Southers Marsh.  Look to website for more details as we get closer to the date.




PYH Board of Directors 

by Plymouth Youth Hockey posted 07/22/2015
Girls U10, 12, 19 Teams with Coaches
2015-16 Girls U10   2015-16 Girls U12   2015-16 Girls U19
Coach: Will Stearns   Coach: Derek Kendall   Coach: Tim Routhier
Anderson L   Bellew V   Colbert J
Campbell M   Corkery N   Colbert S
Deeran M   DeCoste A   Corkery T
Duff C   Diercks J   Donovan K
Gizzi L   Goslin A   Driscoll H
Graham A   Kendall O   Elwood S
Hayes L   Miller M   LeBlanc L
Lombardo E   O'Dowd H   Lombardo K
Martin C   Ruscio I   McPherson M
Miller M   Whiting A   O'Brien L
Nelson G   Youngclaus A   Porter B
Petrarca M         Quinn N
Roy M         Routhier K
Stearns L         Routhier L
Stearns M         Sacco M
Stuart A         Sherman P
            Soares E
            Soares E
            Tierney K
            Whyte J

by Tryout Coordinator posted 05/17/2015
2015-16 Team Selections with Coaches
Midget A   Midget B Blue   Midget B White      
Coach:  Peter Fantoni   Coach: Andrew Gustin   Coach: Gary Gates      
Breen B    Campbell A             
Fantoni P    Disher K   D'Angelo J      
Kingsbury B   Flaherty R            
Krukiel J   Gordon T   Gates J      
McPherson J         Gilligan B      
Medhaug N   Gustin C    Hardy M       
Michaud K   Maddock B    Kelly J      
Murphy M   Mehtala E   McPhee C       
Tierney D   Mento B    Mersereau J      
Van Winkle T   Quinn  N   Michaud M       
Van Winkle J   Routhier  L   Nelson C       
Varrasso P    Segatore M            
Wilson B   Silvia D   Roos Z      
Yorks J   Tarnowski A    Sherman J      
Bantam A   Bantam B   Bantam B2   Bantam C
Coach:  Jeff Norwood   Coach: Ben Perrotta   Coach: TBD   Coach: Brian Noyes
Caraher C    Colbert C    Corr D   Amonte B
Carroll J   Doherty J   Duffley P   Banzi D
Feingold J   Fisher M          Coffey D
Fontes P   Foresteire J   Farrell C   Dabkowski B
      Gregg N            
Norwood J   Murphy M    Keep J   Eaton Z 
Peckham M    Newcombe T   Magoon N    Fasullo L 
Romano J   Perrotta J   Oconnell J   Folloni A 
Smith M    Picariello A   Paglia K    Kessel B
Vogelsang T   Richard C    Paul K       
      Tassinari R   Roussel T   Noyes A 
      Turner J   Smith A   Rebelo Z 
      Youngclaus G   Taylor L   Roos D
                  Skinner L 
                  Zupperoli N
Pee Wee A   Pee Wee B   Pee Wee B2 Herman
  Pee Wee B2 Herman
Coach: Chris Arnold   Coach: Brian Day   Coach: Jon Graham   Coach: Kirk Vogelsang
Arnold J   Bates J   Brock J   Askin C 
Dearing D   Bellew J   Chiruna S   Antonio  R
Dearing D   Coffey DY   Demmons W   Berlo A
Driscoll P   Day O   Graham L   Cronin B
Kelly O   Drew J   Hannon R    Cutting  E
Mento C   Duffy J   Hobin J   Lopes J 
Meschino R   George J   Kelly  A      
Norwood K         La Grassa  B   McClay  Z
Reynolds M   Jones B   Maddock L   McLaughlin Jar
Young B   Lawrence J   Mayer L   Murphy M
Youngclaus D         Olivier J   Sontag O
      Schibley J   Parker N   Tierney G
            Roy IV R    Vogelsang C 
            Tarnowski  J   Winston A
Pee Wee B2 Re   Pee Wee C Red   Pee Wee C Green   Girls U14 A
Coach: George Calabrese   Coach: Rick Bacchiocchi   Coach: Tom Jarvis   Coach: Rick Grady
Cormier Z   Bacchiocchi N    Brown Z   Alden E
Bellew T   Colbert H    Davis B    Brock M 
      Corr A   Eaton B    Elwood M 
Calabrese R   Dorsey J   Gordon J   Grady E
Coffey DE   Ferrante N    Hayes D   Hazley C
Colvin A         Hazley T   Meschino E
Crociati N   Gizzi H    Hicks H   Murphy A 
Jankowski R   Krupa W   Hingston JR W   Picariello A 
Porter C    Malone R   Jarvis J   Soares E
Slaney R   Miller B    Jesse G   Ulvila L
Telford B    Oravec B    McLachlan C      
Wightman C    Pangione M   McLaughlin Jac      
Youngclaus B    Petrarca J   Nugent P      
Youngclaus A   Tait C   Whitelaw R      
      Tripp D   Madden S      
Squirt A   Squirt B   Squirt B2 Blue   Girls U14 B
Coach: Derek Kendall   Coach: Steve Cantwell   Coach: John Pisano   Coach: Jay Lopes
Day D   Anderson W   Carberry B   Antonino A
Diercks J   Cantwell L   Chambers J    Cantwell M
Keep P   Cohane T    Collins P   Duff M
Kelly O    Dempster J    Fitzpatrick C    Duffley S
Kendall N   Dunn S    Golden T    Lopes A
MacKenzie A   Hempel N   Jarvis S   MacKenzie A
McDermott O    King S    Kaiser N   McClay M
Romano J   Malaguti A   King C    McLaughlin M
Stone C   Miller M   Lombardo E   Mento A
Zupperoli J   Murray J    Morrow A   Mersereau J 
      Oberg  D   Nagle T    Ruscio J 
      OConnell T    Pisano J    Skinner L
            Santos M   Sylvestre R
            Stefos D   Tierney M
Squirt B2 White   Squirt C Red   Squirt C Green      
Coach: Mark Duffy   Coach: Graham Smith   Coach: Mike Andrade      
Cerbo M    Blankenship C   Andrade A      
Colonna A   Coen K   Burns A      
DiTullio J   Cormier   DiRado A      
Duffy J   Gordon E   Domey C      
Fava P   Grealis M   Dumser C      
Hannon M          Fasullo E      
James G   Johnson E   Kessel E      
Manning N   May A    Lesieur E      
McClay J   Porter R   Machado S      
Motyka J   Reposa L   Mazzilli M      
Sorensen B   Schibley E   Reynolds C      
Tetler C   Steidinger B   Sawiski R      
Wentworth K   Walsh A             
Whiting S   Smith J   Walsh J       
Mite A   Mini Mite Red   Mini Mite Green   Mini Mite Orange
Coach: Al Goslin   Coach:  Kris Stone   Coach: Chris Jones   Coach: Tom Mulligan
Baker C   Anderson L   Andrade M    Berlo M
Cronin F    Bass  Z   Domey R   Coffey D
Doherty O   Burns J    Jones E   Demartini J
Drollett C   Carrara G   Kenny J   Hatch C
Goslin L   Farrell E   Lawrence A   Howie T
Hingston C   Huggon J    McDonald K   McDonald S 
Kelly G   Joyce L   Mento D    Mulligan A
King F    Moore L   Reardon D    Quill P
O'Brien Z   Oberg  P   Thurston M    Stuart H
Ruuska W   Stone S   Wightman C   Wagner S 
Thurston Jr S                  

by Tryout Coordinator posted 05/15/2015
2015-2016 Jersey Program

2015-2016 Jersey Program


**Questions should be directed to: 


Sizing times available:


Saturday April 4th from 8:30AM-12:00PM

Friday April 10th from 6:30PM-8:00PM

Wednesday April 15th from 5:30PM - 8:00PM

by Jessica McDermott posted 04/07/2015

Please read the South Shore Conference rule below.  The league is very serious about the behavior of spectators on rink property.

The member towns and coach of each team are responsible for the behavior of the spectators from their town. If the spectators get unruly or abusive during a game, it is up to the discretion of the referee to stop the game and determine who is at fault. If it can be determined whom or what town is a fault, they shall forfeit the game. If it cannot be determined who is at fault or it is unsafe to continue the game, it will be stopped and the Disciplinary Committee will make a decision.

The South Shore Conference will establish a discipline committee to investigate and conduct a hearing if appropriate, concerning any major incident involving a spectator or parent. An officer of the South Shore Conference will chair the Discipline Committee. The discipline committee will be comprised of three members of the Executive Board and two Program Directors on a rotating monthly basis.

A major incident shall be defined as, but may not be limited to, the use of obscene or vulgar language, verbal; physical abuse, taunting of players, coaches, officials and throwing of objects in the viewing area, team benches, or ice surface, etc.

When a major incident on ice rink property used by the South Shore Conference involving a parent or spectator is brought to the attention of the South Shore Conference Executive Board by rink officials, ice officials (referee or time keepers), incident reports or other programs, the affected programs will be notified by the South Shore Conference President or designee.

The program(s) will then have 48 hours to respond with a recommendation for discipline to the chairperson of the Discipline Committee. The program will identify everyone involved. If the program’s action is deemed acceptable, no further action shall be taken. If the chairperson of the Discipline Committee deems the program’s recommendation unacceptable and/or inadequate, the individuals involved will immediately be suspended from all South Shore Conference activities until the incident is resolved. The Discipline Committee shall convene to investigate the incident and to hold a hearing within one week. All parties involved in the major incident shall attend the discipline hearing.

by posted 08/14/2014
FMC has asked that all PYH members make themselves familiar with the Code of Conduct at the rink.  Please pay special attention to numbers 6 and 7.  This exists for the safety of everyone at the rink. 

In addition, please refrain from parking in the marked fire lanes outside the rink.  Those areas must stay clear for emergency personel and equipment.

by posted 09/24/2012
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