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PYH Calendars
November 2015 Calendars You will be receiving your November Calendars...
PS/Skills Groups December - February
PYH Hockey Families:  Starting with the week of 11/30, the PS/Skills...
PYH Open Meeting December 7, 2015
Dear PYH Families,   Please note that the next open board...
Learn to Skate Registration
Plymouth Youth Hockey Families -  Learn to Skate registration...
Please read the South Shore Conference rule below.  The league...
FMC has asked that all PYH members make themselves familiar with...
PYH Calendars

November 2015 Calendars

You will be receiving your November Calendars shortly.  These are your calendars to sell or you can put your name on them.  It is up to you.  This fundraiser is included with your tuition so if you sell them, you can keep the money.  If you choose not to sell them, put your name on the top half and put it in the bucket.  The bucket will be located outside the FMC office near the Pro shop.  It should be there by the end of the week, November 13th.

We will be pulling the month of November on December 7th, prior to the open board of directors meeting.   As in years past we will pull the month around 6:30 in the lobby.  We will ask members of our organization to pull the names, we will make the list and then mail out checks as quickly as possible.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Thank you for your continued support.

Tim Cohane

Plymouth Youth Hockey

Fundraising/Sponsorship Committee Lead

by Webmaster posted 11/13/2015
PS/Skills Groups December - February

PYH Hockey Families:  Starting with the week of 11/30, the PS/Skills groups will be reconfigured to reflect the change in week day ice available to our program due to the High School hockey season as well as the reduction of the short season teams from the schedule.  There will not be PS/Skills hours the weeks of Christmas, New Years and February Vacation.  We do understand that there could potentially be regular conflicts for your child on their assigned day due to other activities.  If that is the case, please get in touch with Will Stearns at to work out an alternative plan in a group that suits your child's skill level.

The groups and schedules running through at least the end of February 2016 and potentially through the end of the season are as follows:

Monday 630pm Monday 730pm Monday 830pm
Mite A Squirt B Bantam A
Squirt B2 Blue Pee Wee B2 Re Bantam B 
Squirt B2 White Pee Wee C Green Bantam B2
Girls U10 Pee Wee C Red Bantam B2 Yan
Tuesday 530pm Tuesday 630pm Thursday 730pm
Mini-Mite Green Squirt A Pee Wee A
Mini-Mite Orange Pee Wee B2 Herman Blue Pee Wee B
Mini-Mite Red Pee Wee B2 Herman White Girls U14A
Squirt C Green Girls U12 Girls U14B
Squirt C Red    

by Scheduling Coordinator posted 11/10/2015
PYH Open Meeting December 7, 2015

Dear PYH Families,


Please note that the next open board meeting is Monday December 7, 2015.  All members of PYH Hockey are welcome to attend.


Best wishes,


PYH Board of Directors

by Webmaster posted 11/09/2015
Learn to Skate Registration

Plymouth Youth Hockey Families - 

Learn to Skate registration is now open.  Sessions will start on Sunday November 8 and run through the winter concluding on March 13.  As an added bonus, we are excited to welcome professional skating coach and seasoned hockey mom, Renee Roos, back for her third year on the ice with the kids.  

Please help us spread the word amongst your family and friends.

Thank you,

Andrew Gustin

Learn to Skate Coordinator


by Learn to Skate Coordinator posted 09/25/2015

Please read the South Shore Conference rule below.  The league is very serious about the behavior of spectators on rink property.

The member towns and coach of each team are responsible for the behavior of the spectators from their town. If the spectators get unruly or abusive during a game, it is up to the discretion of the referee to stop the game and determine who is at fault. If it can be determined whom or what town is a fault, they shall forfeit the game. If it cannot be determined who is at fault or it is unsafe to continue the game, it will be stopped and the Disciplinary Committee will make a decision.

The South Shore Conference will establish a discipline committee to investigate and conduct a hearing if appropriate, concerning any major incident involving a spectator or parent. An officer of the South Shore Conference will chair the Discipline Committee. The discipline committee will be comprised of three members of the Executive Board and two Program Directors on a rotating monthly basis.

A major incident shall be defined as, but may not be limited to, the use of obscene or vulgar language, verbal; physical abuse, taunting of players, coaches, officials and throwing of objects in the viewing area, team benches, or ice surface, etc.

When a major incident on ice rink property used by the South Shore Conference involving a parent or spectator is brought to the attention of the South Shore Conference Executive Board by rink officials, ice officials (referee or time keepers), incident reports or other programs, the affected programs will be notified by the South Shore Conference President or designee.

The program(s) will then have 48 hours to respond with a recommendation for discipline to the chairperson of the Discipline Committee. The program will identify everyone involved. If the program’s action is deemed acceptable, no further action shall be taken. If the chairperson of the Discipline Committee deems the program’s recommendation unacceptable and/or inadequate, the individuals involved will immediately be suspended from all South Shore Conference activities until the incident is resolved. The Discipline Committee shall convene to investigate the incident and to hold a hearing within one week. All parties involved in the major incident shall attend the discipline hearing.

by Webmaster posted 08/23/2015
FMC has asked that all PYH members make themselves familiar with the Code of Conduct at the rink.  Please pay special attention to numbers 6 and 7.  This exists for the safety of everyone at the rink. 

In addition, please refrain from parking in the marked fire lanes outside the rink.  Those areas must stay clear for emergency personel and equipment.

by posted 09/24/2012
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